Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Iron Man of india

Gujarat’s Leading Publication


Western Times Group of publications consisting of more than 45 year old English daily established in 1967 and several Gujarati dailies are now on the internet available to any one in the world for reading at his or her convenience and time.


The www.westerntimes.co.in will cover the main flagship English daily and the morning dailies Gandhinagar WESTERN TIMES, Panchmahal WESTERN TIMES, Zalawad WESTERN TIMES, and popular Gujarati afternoon WESTERN TIMES.


Right click on file in download page and click save target as into your hard disk. The readers are invited to use our media to publish their views, project their problems and even social requirements by providing us their information by email which is gujarati@westerntimes.co.in


We will endeavour to respond to their requirements as quickly and as authentically as possible through the columns of publications which naturally will be read all over the world particularly by persons of Indian-Gujarati origin.

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